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Turning Your Vision into Reality

From Crafting Homes to Shaping Skylines: Holyoak Homes' Versatile Portfolio Encompasses a Spectrum of Projects, Seamlessly Transitioning Between Residential Sanctuaries and Cutting-Edge Commercial Spaces. Explore the Artistry of Our Construction Expertise, Tailored to Fulfill the Unique Aspirations of Homeowners and Businesses Alike.

Building Your Dreams
  • New Construction

    Oakmont Industries excels in groundbreaking new construction, seamlessly blending innovation and precision to bring your visionary projects to life.
  • Remodel

    Revitalize your spaces with Oakmont Industries' expert remodel services, marrying creative design solutions with meticulous attention to detail for a modern transformation.
  • Investment Properties

    Looking at investment properties? We provide strategic planning and a commitment to enduring value for lucrative opportunities for a sound return on investment.
  • Crafting the Cornerstone of Excellence in Structural Design

    Concrete Mastery by Oakmont Industries

    Oakmont Industries specializes in the artistry of concrete construction, providing unparalleled expertise in creating robust foundations, intricate structures, and enduring architectural elements. Our commitment to precision and innovation ensures that every project, from foundations to decorative finishes, stands as a testament to strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

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  • Creating Comfortable Environments, Tailored to Your Needs

    Precision HVAC by Oakmont Industries

    Oakmont Industries excels in HVAC services, where our skilled professionals bring expertise and precision to create optimal indoor climates. Whether it's efficient heating, cooling installations, or air quality solutions, we ensure your space is comfortable, energy-efficient, and perfectly suited to your specific requirements.

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Our Clients Speak

Discover the impact of Holyoak Homes through the words of those who have experienced our commitment to excellence. From turning dreams into residences to shaping dynamic commercial spaces, our clients share their stories of satisfaction, showcasing the true essence of our craftsmanship and dedication to creating spaces that resonate with success and fulfillment.

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  • "I was in the process of relocating from CA to UT, I had wasn't able to find a home that fit my needs and very new to building.

    Brock Holyoak and his team made it a very pleasant and easy experience and was there to walk me through the entire process. I really recommend them for your new home. I got everything I needed and more."

    Merideth O.

  • "Bought a nice 4 bedroom home in Cedar City Utah from Brock a few years back and loved it.

    Decided to relocate to Arizona and had Brock Build our Home last year. Very beautiful home, large oversized 3 car garage didn't disappoint. My wife and I really love and enjoy our home."

    John B.

    "Brock Holyoak Customized a perfect floor plan for us on a not so perfect lot. We got the home and colors we wanted thanks to Brock and his Team. I recommend building with these guys they are awesome and great to work with."

    Paul C.

Unveiling Our Masterpieces

Explore Holyoak Homes' diverse portfolio, where every project reflects our dedication to craftsmanship and innovation

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We offer a wide range of services to meet all your construction needs. Our experienced team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your project is completed to your satisfaction.

    New Construction

    Embark on a journey of innovation and craftsmanship with our new construction services, where each project is a testament to quality and visionary design.


    Transform existing spaces into extraordinary realms as our renovation services breathe new life into homes and businesses, blending modern comforts with timeless aesthetics.

    Tenant Improvements

    Enhance your workspace efficiency and aesthetic appeal with our tenant improvement services, tailored to elevate the functionality and allure of commercial environments.

    Design Services

    Turn aspirations into reality with our design services, where creativity meets functionality to craft spaces that not only impress but also enhance the way you live and work.

    Project Management

    Seamless execution from concept to completion—our project management services ensure precision, timeliness, and a stress-free experience throughout the construction process.

    Quality Control

    Ensuring perfection at every stage, our dedicated quality control services stand as the backbone of excellence, meticulously overseeing every detail to deliver construction projects of unparalleled precision and durability.

Elevate Your Space with Holyoak Homes

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